Our Story

Next Wave Insurance Services, in conjunction with underwriters at AIG and Travel Guard, spent over three years developing the new “Registration Saver” insurance products. The concept for these policies arose after one of our kid’s important soccer tournaments was cancelled due to a sudden rain storm. The event had teams traveling to San Diego from around the country. All of the tournament entry fees were non-refundable and those families with significant travel costs lost out even more.

We recognized the need for an insurance policy that protects the financial exposure presented to all athletes participating in any competition, families with children competing in tournaments, camps, races or even a sports seasons lasting several months.  We also address the financial risk facing individuals buying a ticket and traveling to an event with costs which may be non-refundable.

As a solution, the affordable Registration Saver coverage is tailored for a single-event or multi-events in the youth sports, endurance, fitness and ticketing world.  The broad application of the policy applies regardless of whether it’s a recreational or competitive league season, a marathon race or ticket to attend an event. We all realize the expense involved as it often reaches thousands of dollars with nothing to protect against sudden injury, illness, inclement weather or other unforeseen events causing a participant to not compete or person to no longer attend the event after buying a ticket.

We’re excited to provide the Registration Saver Insurance Program to our event coordinators, technology partners, athletes and fellow parents.  You now have a solution to the standard “No Refund Policy”.

Let Us Cover Your Refund!”