Reasons to Buy RegSaver for Youth Sports

No Refund Policy:

Most youth sporting events have a strict “No Refund Policy” as it relates to registration costs. Unforeseen incidents, including inclement weather, injuries, illness and travel delays would cause you to forfeit your registration fee.

Travel Costs Covered:

Typically the largest expense involved in participating or attending a camp or tournament is the travel-related costs. Our multi-event policy allows you to include those costs when applying for coverage.

Injuries Happen:

It’s the number one reason athletes are unable to participate in an event for which they have already registered. Don’t lose the registration fee and travel costs you paid for your child’s sport because of a twisted ankle or strained hamstring.

Weather Can Be A Game Stopper:

Unpredictable weather can wreak havoc on any event.  When Mother Nature strikes and forces a tournament to cancel, it’s bad enough you don’t get to participate, don’t let her steal your money as well.

Premiums Are Affordable:

A Registration Saver policy is inexpensive when compared to the overall costs associated with participating in a sport including registration fees, travel and accommodations.  The cost is just 6% of your registration fee for a camp or tournament (there is a $7 minimum).  To insure a season, it is 7% of your registration fee. If you wish to insure your non-refundable travel related expenses for a camp or tournament, it is 6% of your travel costs to do so.

Claims Are Handled Promptly And Professionally:

AIG provides a dedicated claims operation department that will efficiently evaluate and process any claim with personalized service.

For questions regarding coverage, services or to file a claim please call 866.690.6859.

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To view the complete description of coverage for the two Registration Saver Insurance Plans:
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